Bitcoin nosedives below $28k

Bitcoin nosedives below $28k

Bitcoin is the most popular and popular cryptocurrency in the world.

People see a hope in bitcoin, but it is not good to be hasty in investing or trading in it.

Since the birth of bitcoin, it has increased a lot, but not everyone has benefited from it.

Bitcoin fell below $28,000 in the crypto market on Last Sunday. Along with Bitcoin, Ethereum also fell sharply in crisis.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $27,454.31, down 4.96%.

Even after this fall, its enthusiasm has not diminished among the people, rather traders have started taking back positions.

In parallel with this, Ethereum is down about 8% and was trading near $1,460.

The market cap of the second largest cryptocurrency is approximately $177.45 billion.

Now how easy it is to invest in these cryptos, it needs to be seen as a risk.