All Berger paints price list 2023, 20 litre, 10 litre, 1 ltr paint price

In this post we will provide you all berger paints price list 2023 (20 litre, 10 litre and 1 litre price). Berger paints is one of the best paint brands in india. Their products are very good and budget friendly. In this article you will know Berger paint interior paints, extrior paint, wood paint, wall texture, tile guard and many more.

The prices mentioned here are approximate. There may be a slight difference in the price according to your state and district.

Berger paints 20 litre price list

Brand NameType of paintCategory of paint20 litre price (approx.)WashabilityFinish
Bison Acrylic DistemperDistemperInterior950 rupeeLowMatt
Bison Acrylic EmulsionEmulsionInterior2150 rupeeMediumRich Matt
Berger Paint Rangoli Total CareEmulsionInterior4883 rupeeMediumRich matt
Berger Paint Easy CleanEmulsionInterior6999 rupeeHighSoft Sheen
Berger Paint Silk LuxuryEmulsionInterior8699 rupeeHighHigh Sheen
Berger Paint Silk Glamor EmulsionInterior10350 rupee SuperRich Sheen
Berger Paint Walmasta EmulsionExterior2700 rupeeMediumMatt Finish
Berger Paint WeatherCoat Smooth EmulsionExterior4700 rupeeHighHigh Sheen
Berger Paint WeatherCoat Anti DustEmulsionExterior5200 rupeeHighHigh Sheen
WeatherCoat Kool SealEmulsionExterior5670 rupeeSheen
WeatherCoat Exterior PrimerPrimerExterior2150 rupee
Walmasta Exterior Texture RusticWall TextureExterior1200 rupeeRustic
Berger Paint Butterfly GP EnamelEnemalInterior3200 rupee HighHigh Gloss
WoodKeeper 1K PUWood FinishesInterior4450 rupeeHigh Gloss
Berger paints 20 litre price list

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Berger paint 10 litre price list

Brand NameType of paintCategory of paint10 litre price (approx.)
Bison Acrylic DistemperDistemperInterior500 rupee
Bison Acrylic EmulsionEmulsionInterior1150 rupee
Rangoli Total CareEmulsionInterior2550 rupee
Easy CleanEmulsionInterior3700 rupee
Silk LuxuryEmulsionInterior4500 rupee
Silk GlamorEmulsionInterior5300 rupee
WalmastEmulsionExterior1500 rupee
WeatherCoat SmoothEmulsionExterior2480 rupee
WeatherCoat Anti DustEmulsionExterior2730 rupee
Luxol Lustre FinishEnamelInterior 2400 rupee
Berger Paint Butterfly GP EnamelEnamelInterior1790 rupee
berger paints 10 litre list

Berger paint 1 litre price list

Paint NameType of paintCategory of paint1 litre price (approx.)
Bison Acrylic DistemperEmulsionInterior65
Bison Acrylic EmulsionEmulsionInterior134
Rangoli Total CareEmulsionInterior200
Easy CleanEmulsionInterior370
Silk LuxuryEmulsionInterior450
Silk GlamorEmulsionInterior540
WeatherCoat SmoothEmulsionExterior240
WeatherCoat Anti DustEmulsionExterior273 rupee
Berger Paints WeatherCoat All GuardEmulsionExterior450 rupee
WeatherCoat Kool SealEmulsionExterior300 rupee
WeatherCoat Tile ProtektoEmulsionExterior250 rupee
Berger Paints Silk Illusions Non MetallicWall TextureInterior450 rupee
Silk Illusions Design MetallicaWall TextureInterior1000 rupee
Silk Illusions MetallicaWall TextureInterior700 rupee
Silk Illusions Marble FinishWall TextureInterior590 rupee
WeatherCoat TextureWall TextureExterior200 rupee
Berger Paints Butterfly GP EnamelEnamelInterior180 rupee
Luxol Lustre FinishEnamelInterior250 rupee
WeatherCoat Exterior PrimerPrimerExterior130 rupee
WoodKeeper 1K PUWood FinishesInterior125 rupee
WoodKeeper 1K PUWood FinishesInterior340 rupee
WoodKeeper Easy Clean 2K PUWood FinishesInterior400 rupee
Imperia Water Based Luxury PUWood FinishesInterior700 rupee
Imperia Water Based Luxury PU Floor CoatWood FinishesInterior1100 rupee
Imperia Epoxy Block PrimerWood FinishesInterior750 rupee
berger paints 1 litre price list

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