how to check cement quality – these ways to test cement quality

how to check cement quality these ways to test cement quality, cement site testing lab testing of cement.

There are many situations where we can judge the quality of cement. Here we will tell you about the quality testing of cement. Along with testing the quality of cement, we will tell you how fake cement is made? How does a company make fake or substandard cement?

Here we will talk about cement testing in different ways, including lab tests and testing of cement on-site, and will learn about some simple methods.

Identify the quality of cement in simple ways

There are many types of cement. About 14 different types of cement are made in India. Therefore, before use, check whether the cement you have purchased is useful to you or not.

The first way to identify cement is to test the colour of the cement. If the colour of the cement remains the same, then the cement is correct. But it is also necessary to do more tests with this.

Cement has a shelf life of three months. If the cement is more than three months old, then it is not of cement use. We will discuss this in further detail.

The packing of cement sacks is often cleverly changed; in such a situation, to test the cement quality, take out the cement in your hands; if there are lumps in it, then it is not right to use this cement.

In some simple testing, you can see by rubbing the cement in your hands that if it slips, then the cement is correct, and keeping your hand in the cement sack, the cement should be cold.

In simple testing, you can see that by putting cement in water, the right cement does not sink in water immediately.

Cement quality test on-site

Construction is completed with many different conditions. Weather, support holding, etc., make much difference in construction. Different types of cement are used for these different purposes. As the initial hold of OPC is more, the final hold of PPC is stronger.

Therefore, when the rainy season is going on, the use of PPC is not good.

Make a paste of cement in a little water and leave it for 24 hours; if there are no cracks in the paste, then the cement is fine. This is called the setting test of cement.

Another way cement quality can be identified is on the site. Prepare a cement block of 25 mm x 25 mm and 200 mm. Keep it immersed in water for seven days. This block can bear a load of 34 kg without any crack. Keep in mind that the weight of the object is more than 15 cm on the surface.

The quality of cement also depends on how it is manufactured.

If you want to know how cement is made, then you can read this post.

Cement is a chemical mixture of calcium, silicon, iron, and aluminium prepared in a fixed proportion.

That’s why we need lab testing.

Cement Lab Quality Testing

Above I told you that the shelf life of cement is three months. Cement and self-life are directly related to strength.

They should be tested at different times by dividing a cement sack into three parts. If testing is done for 3, 6, and 12 months, then the results will be obtained like this.

age of cementStrength of cement
3 months90%
6 months60%
12 months40%

  You can adopt another method for testing cement in the lab. Cement freezes under water. Hence it is also called hydraulic.

Take some cement and make a fine paste in water. Please put it on a glass plate and put it in a bucket of water. True cement will not dissolve in water. Good cement can achieve strength even in water.

How Made duplicate cement

Some time ago, ash was mixed in cement. Nowadays, some other methods are also adopted. The cement hardens when exposed to moisture. Due to this, much cement gets damaged in the factory itself.

In this situation, some factories grind that cement, make powder, and pack it. This cement makes cracks in the walls after some time.

To identify this, the cement should be rubbed in hand; if it is soft, it is fine. Otherwise, some mixture has been mixed.

You can find out the quality of cement by these methods as mentioned above. If you liked this post, then definitely read our other post also. (help us rearrange content).

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